My name is Özgün Özalay. I am a neuroimaging researcher at SoCAT Lab, Ege University Hospital, Izmir, Turkey.

I have a PhD degree in neuroscience and DDS degree in dental science. My research includes but not limited to neuroimaging techniques, connectivity and network analysis. I am also senior develeoper of iyiyasa self-help web application.


These are the projects that i'm involved and currently working on...

Multimodal MRI Connectivity Analysis

Using different MRI modalities (fMRI, DW-MRI, sMRI) i am trying to improve the accuracy of connectivity analyses especially for the frontal lobe.

Connectivity Analysis for Creativity

I am trying to investigate creative task performance and network utilization of brain regions using fMRI and dw-MRI

İyiyasa Web Application

I am developing a self-help application with our team at iyiyasa group, especially for individuals who have anxiety issues.